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Oren Lazovski is a dance artist , choreogrpaher  and pedagog, with extensive experience in performing, teaching, and choreography. He moves through different styles and genres.From classical ballet to avant-garde performance art, maintaining a solid connection to sensitivity and musicality.
Oren plays the accordion and piano and in his work, he explores the intimate connection between the performer and his instrument through the body and the body of music.
His versatile character has empowered him to develop a method of work created for dancers and musicians named "Strange tools".This method is designed to break the barriers between the musical instrument and the dancing body, offering a unique pathway into composition, improvisation, and creation. "Strange tools" method is academically recognized as his final thesis subject at the Master of Arts in dance education at the Palucca University of dance, Dresden.In contrary to his experimental approach he has established himself as a ballet teacher and guests nationally and internationally.
Among the many institutes he has taught at the  Deutsche Oper Berlin, Hagen Ballet, Braunschweig Tanztheater, Rostock Tanzkompanie, Marameo Berlin, Kamea Dance Compnay Israel ,IG profi training Köln e.g.

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