Oren Lazovski Bio:

The dancer and choreographer Oren Lazovski was born in 1980, Israel. 

His relationship to music started from an early age, playing the accordion, following dance and art education at the "Reut Junior High School Haifa", later on, "WIZO Haifa, High School of the Arts and design ", Dance Department, graduating with honor. Further Ballet education of R.A.D, at the "Haifa Ballet Studio" with Liora Bing Heidecker. Oren has won the "Sharet Foundation America Israel" scholarships and the I.D.F. “Excellent dancer” title, joining the “Bat-Dor” dance company Tel Aviv, where he danced for 4 years.

His dance career took another turn as he has worked internationally with different projects and companies such as Nürnberg Staatstheater, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Zeynep Tanbay Dance Project Istanbul, Cyprus National Theater, International Dance Theatre Amsterdam, Ballett

Magdeburg, “In vitro“ music theatre Antwerpen e.g.

His first attempt at choreography was at the "Bat -Dor" Dance company -"Telemania" in 2004 and was well received.

The move to Berlin in 2006 has deeply influenced him and not till 

 2012 that he has presented his solo "Überich, Saudade" -solo for dancer and accordion at La Biennale Di Venezia, The marathon of unexpected directed by Ismael Ivo. Followed further performances at Barnes Crossing festival Köln and Maxim Gorki studio R Berlin. This solo marks a turning point in his artistic evolution leading to closer research of the relationship between sound and motion and the wish to synthesis the two arts of dance and music as one.

 In 2014 he started a fruitful collaboration with the orchestra of the Deutsche Opera Berlin, creating choreographies for three different concerts of the Kammer music series at the Tischlerei des Deutsche Oper Berlin season 2015/2016.

Moreover, he initiated movement workshops based on his artistic method "Strange tools" for the orchestra members and guests as a laboratory of exploration for the embodied connection between the musician and his /her instrument.

In 2016 the pianist and ID festival founder Ohad Ben Ari commissioned "NO-MAD" to be presented that year festival edition in Radialsystem Berlin. Shortly after Theater and Opera director, Nina Kupcik asked him to choreograph her version of the "Nutcracker" for the Luxemburg Philharmonie, Luxemburg.

Since 2016 he is an active member of the multidisciplinary Megaphone ensemble, Hannover, led by the violinist Lenka Zupkova where he acts as a dancer -accordionist, and choreographer.

The berliner cellist Bernd Teichgraber has initaed a project in 2017 that brought to the creation of full evening Tanztheater “Tobias , Der Engel und das vergeudete Europa?” presented at Borken Hessen and in Neaple , Italy.

In 2018 he worked with the theater director Ariel Nil Levy on a project commemorating the "Reichprogorm Nacht" with youth groups from Tirat Carmel, Haifa, and the city Monnehiem am Rhein.

In the same year, he participated in the opera production " La Prophete" at the Deutsche Oper Berlin as choreography assistant to director Olivier Py.

In 2019 upon invitation of the Komisch Oper Berlin, he joined the production team of "La Traviata" as choreographer for the director Nicola Raab.In July 2020 he accomplished a Master degree in dance education titled “ Ballet Master” from the Palucca University of Dance ,Dresden and has guested as ballet teahcer , e.g. with Ballet Hagen, Tanztheater Braunschweig , Tanzkompanie Rostock , Gera Staatstheater , Marameo Berlin , Deutsche Oper Berlin Operaballet , IG profitraining Koln , Vir2oz Summer course Tel -Aviv 2019