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Research project "Strange tools"-DIS-TANZ solo.

The wish to synthesize these two forms of arts -Music and Dance has become the focus of my artistic work for the past ten years, researching the relationship

between sound and movement.

This theme is the core of my artistic language on which I developed a system of work named "Strange tools ", seeking the integration of musical instruments as an extension of the dancing body. The methodology "Strange tools" was developed through work sessions and collaboration with musicians and dancers in different settings such as workshops for the musicians of the Deutsche Oper Berlin Orchestra, Palucca University students, and Freelancers dancers and musicians. "Strange tools" is recognized and

accepted as a Master's thesis at the Palucca University of dance, Dresden, work-study

program M.A dance education. I have decided to create a filmed documentation of the

"Strange tools" methodology.

Currently I am working the students of Danceworks Berlin school of dance, on 2 weeks workshop of "Strange Tools" exploring and developing further in the material.

The results of this workshop would presented in a film documenting the process and the results.

I will keep posting developments of the work process here daily .

This work is made possible to the Dis-Tanz Solo scholarship and the German government Ministry for media and culture.

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