Berlin, Germany

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  In this page you can have an overview of my work as choreographer in many different collaborations ,  emphasizing the deep connection i have to music and its influences on my perceptions of the world.

Premiere 23 Oct 2016, 

ID festival , Radialsystem V 



In NO-MAD two men who can be seen as travelers in time and space are on a journey which  confronts them with the past and the present, but most of all with themselves and each other. On this journey the trombonist Tomer Maschkowski joins Oren Lazovski as a comrade in playing music, dancing and traveling through Berlin.

The main approach to the work is The Integrated Instrument – an idea which sees the instrument as an integral part of the body. By doing so unusual images and movement ideas will be used in order to create the scenes of the show. The work with the instruments as a device of communication, as taking it out of the context, replaces spoken words with sound and movement.

The medium of film enables the performance to leave the theatre and to take the audience to well known locations in Berlin. The book Der Wanderer und sein Schatten by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche has inspired the shapes of the characters in the manner of a traveler and a shadow. The movie displays a game of chasing, hunting and confrontation as one might do with his own shadow. Through reference points in Berlin for once and on the stage, the hidden side of the soul will be exposed by creating unusual situations, arising the question who is the traveler and who is the shadow, asking to transit between the real and the inner world.

concept/choreography/film script: Oren Lazovski
performance/trombone: Tomer Maschkowski
films produced by Holytropic
camera: Johan Planefeldt
editing & artistic advice: Shiran Eliaserov
costume: Silvie Naunheim
music: Wagner, Brahms, Bach
duration: 60 minutes

12.1.2016-Tischlerei Deutsche Oper Berlin.


The video dance „ Metamorphosen“ was especially created for a chamber music Konzert , at the Tischlerei, Deutsche Oper Berlin, dedicated to the composer Richard Strauss, marking 150 years to his birth.

The piece „Metamorphosen „ was composed during the closing months of the Second World War, from August 1944 to March 1945.
A few days after the completion of Metamorphosen, he wrote in his private diary:
"The most terrible period of human history is at an end, the twelve year reign of bestiality, ignorance and anti-culture under the greatest criminals, during which Germany's 2000 years of cultural evolution met its doom".

As Israeli artist living and working in Berlin for the past years, this music and its unique background story, has inspired me deeply to comment on the past lessons regarding also the current states of events in the world.

I have approached the international video artist Irene Cruz and we decided to film in three different locations in Berlin-Tempelhof airport, Soviet War Memorial and an abandoned water park called BLUB inside a forest on the borders of the city.

While listening to the sound track, the viewer is invited to a journey through different stations - Nature, relic to a past wars, no man land and back to a nature- relating to the musical building of the composition as a counterpoint and to reflect on the consequences of war- a very actual theme in our present time.

Text by Oren Lazovski

14.11.2015 Berlin


The evening „ Persona“ is the third project produced by the BerlinNapoli Ensemble and the German -Italian Society of Napoli.

The evening program includes 20th century  original chamber music pieces woven together with and through dance , especially for this evening by the Israeli choreographer Oren Lazovski.

In „persona“ (latin for mask) the  audience is invited to a musical journey presenting different aspects of a mask and the use and misuse of it in society expressed through dance and music inspired by the poem „we wear the mask“ by the english poet Paul Laurence Dunbar.

music by:

Wilhelm Dieter Siebert „Schatten“-für violoncello und zuspielband/recorder

Antonio Messina Rosaryo „Folia“- Für klavier solo/Piano solo

Mieczyslaw Weinberg

 12 Stücke( Miniaturen)

  für Flöte und klavier

Wilhelm Dieter Siebert

„Missa funerale for Al Caopne-

excuted by the last members of the Metropolitan Dance Orcherstra Chicago“

  Für violoncello und Kontrabass.


Dario Candela-Klavier/piano

Hans -Udo Heinzmann -Flöte/flute

Christoph Niemann-Kontrabass

Bernd Teichgräber - Violoncello


Tsai Ya Chun  & Oren Lazovski


Oren Lazovski

Techink and Light:

Carlos Lieberz.

permierd at 09.01.2014 
Studio Я , Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin.


Concept, director and Choreography: Oren Lazovski.
 Aérea Negrot / Michaela Pappas / Lazara Rosell Albear 
„Ein Akkordeon ist ein Koffer voller Erinnerungen, Erfahrungen und Gefühle. Ein Akkordeon ist eine Wolke, die ich mit mir trage, an meinen Körper geschnallt, voller Unsagbares. Ich tanze. Ich tanze mit diesem Ballast und wenn ich die Falten des Instruments aufziehe, dann kommt das Rot zwischen unseren gemeinsamen Rippen hervor." Oren Lazovski

In der Choreografie Black Cloud tanzt sich Oren Lazovksi mit seinem Akkordeon an die Erinnerungen der Kindheit heran und die Wut heraus. Hinzu kommen die Sängerin Aérea Negrot und die Tänzerin Michaela Pappas, ergänzen sich, spiegeln die schwarze Wolke, die über allem hängt, während die Performerin Lazara Rosell Albear als Geräuschkulisse auftritt.

2013 , Marameo Berlin.


"The Island" is a result of research workshop with the Exceptional Jazz pianist Kristijan Martinson who i had the chance to meet

19.1.2015- Tischlerei Deutsche Oper Berlin


4.Tischlereikonzert 10th String Quartet by Schostakowitch
and & Sofia Gubaidulina-Galgenlieder.
Jana Kurucová (Mezzosopran)
Oren Lazovski (Tanz, Choreographie)
Leah Katz (Tanz)
Musiker des Orchesters der Deutschen Oper Berlin

31.7.2014– Art Festival Perspektiven // Attersee at Attersee Halle 
1. August – Lentos Kunstmuseum Lin


created for the international summer course of the artist collective "Passion Red" ,Austria, Performed at the Attersee Gallery ,Attersee and Linz Museum of the art, 2014.

5.5.2014- Tischlerei Deutsche Oper Berlin


6. Tischlereikonzert |


singer: Gideon Poppe

harp: Maria Smirnova

photo&viedeoinstallation: NATHALIE LARQUET

filmed&edited by:

9.11.2013-14th Showtime, Marameo , Berlin.


This solo was created after researching workshop with the jazz pianist Kristijan Matrinssion- at Berlin UDK-experimenting with the pianoforte body in space and time , relating of the body to it and the different images and associations-in this case the piano as an Island to  a creature who washed out of the ocean..

17.9.2016-Wiltz , Luxembourg

11.9.2016- Acud Theater Berlin.


"Black intermezzo" is a tragic comic duet for 2 dancers and accordion. In this surrealistic piece 2 men are dealing with issues of borders, intimacy , rivalry and love.

The duet was originally created in 2014 in collaboration with Michele Meloni.

In this video i dance with Aladino R. Blanca. 

Growth Over Time


The idea for The Dance of Death was on my mind for many years before it ever came to fruition. Once the idea was settled, I knew it would be among my greatest achievements. I would love to personally invite you to my next performance. Get in touch to learn more about upcoming events near you.

Bring the Noise


I really enjoyed working on Love in Winter. This is among my favorite pieces and my audiences seem to agree! It started out as a personal piece but quickly evolved into something poignant and universal. This project was a true labor of love, which I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate once you see for yourself. Speak to me to learn about my upcoming performances.

I’m available to discuss my work. For commissions and performances, please contact me.